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Concerning the Health, Safety and Environmental aspects, RMT VM implemented an Integrated Management System based on model “Plan-Do-Check-Act” and in compliance with standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 45001:2018 (former BS OHSAS 18001:2007) and to the applicable national laws, in order to ensure a good and safe performance and to prevent any potential hazard to employees, contractors and visitors.

The growing environmental-impact’s importance of RMT VM commensurate on its own expansion, led the company to concentrate forces and initiate the process for the awarding of the related certification, an essential tool that has always been placed on the top of the Company agenda and that stand at a one-step-close.

Reports of the periodic Prevention and Protection Meetings, our internal Safety Procedures, Risk Assessment Documents as well as Training and Accident Registers are available at our facility, until RMT Valvomeccanica Srl will be definitely certified.

HSE Certifications


On the prevention of risk and the protection of the environment, workers and the collectives RMT VM takes on strategic and priority objectives, in parallel with the general one to ensure the realization of the company goals envisaged in the statute. It is a daily duty of the Senior Management to work in the respect of the safety of its employees, customers and people who live near their settlement, preventing the occurrence of environmental accidents and mitigating any damaging effects, as well as intervening with recovery works where necessary.

To promote products and adopt processes with minor environmental impact.

To promote the responsibility of all employees towards environmental protection through information, training and awareness programs, involving, whenever appropriate, customers, suppliers and Stakeholders concerned

To carry out prevention and continuous improvement actions throughout the organization through training, information, meetings (at all levels of the structure) analysis, reporting, assessment of environmental impacts and all the most in general regards the environmental and health and safety fields