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Worldwide service

RMT equipped and dedicated container will allow service worldwide, to reach any remote area with limited access, from the Poles to the severe temperatures of the deserts, offshore platforms and FPSO. This solution makes us fully available to provide assistance and maintenance also in case of long storage, which is critical especially for high performance valves.

The portable unit, a RINA certified container, is ready for delivery by sea freight and is available for Onshore and Offshore tests/services. RMT VM Service Container only requires a local secured area equipped with lifting, power, air supply and water connections. For specific requirement, or urgency, we can provide part of the equipment via airfreight.

Service Container measures

Exterior6,05 mt / 19,85 ft2,44 mt / 8 ft2,89 mt / 9,5 ft
Interior6,05 mt / 19,85 ft2,33 mt / 7,64 ft2,58 mt / 8,5 ft



API 6D Valves
Water gas

API 6A Valves
PSL1 to PSL4 & PSL-3g

After Sale Service

Full Refurbishment



Highly qualified personnel

Our staff traveling with RMT VM Container is highly skilled in disassembling, repairing, re-assembling, and testing valves. They are well-trained to operate either directly or coordinate customer technicians available onsite. Customers can recruit our personnel for consulting on the correct installation of valves (or complete units).

At least two of our skilled technicians will be available to manage and perform all required testing, such as high-pressure gas testing and servicing activities.


Anywhere: RMT VM Container grants repairing and testing operations in hard-to-reach sites (e.g., far from local workshop, onshore or offshore).

Anytime: RMT VM Container can be required at any time (at any stage of customer’s project) and have no fixed or limited dwell time.

Next generation technology: RMT VM Container boasts cutting-edge technology that allows you to work faster and more efficiently.

Custom equipment: Upon request, RMT VM Container can be equipped with RMT VM mobile tools for the full maintenance of actuators (and positioners, etc.) and mobile logic solver for the re-testing of valves within HIPPS systems. 

Cost saving: RMT VM Container avoids sending damaged parts to local workshops or even returning valves to our factory, saving shipping costs.

Self-testing: The main RMT VM Container can be accompanied by other storage containers that include blind flanges and hubs&clumps to self-perform related testing.