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Control Valves

Butterfly High-Performance Plain Disc - Serie 11

RMT VM Butterfly Series 10s is an eccentric disc butterfly valve available in three different construction line.

The Serie 11 is a double-eccentric disc Butterfly Control Valve mostly used in applications with large flow rates and moderate pressure drop across the valve.
Provided with a very easy to change and PTFE based or metal-to-metal type sealing ring, this design guarantees a reduced torque and seal wear by minimizing its contact with the disc.
These features serve the valve with high performances, application flexibility and long service life.

Main characteristics
  • DN from 6’’ up to 80’’.
  • Wafer, lug, double-flanged construction.
  • Solid construction, low friction bearings.
  • Equal percentage inherent characteristic.
  • Leakage Class IV by Standard, Tight Shutoff Class V and Class VI
Many options
  • Metal/soft seated.
  • Packing fugitive emission compliant.
  • Live loading packing.
  • Exotic materials.