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Control Valves

Globe Straight Way Cage Guided Control Valve - Serie 23

RMT VM Serie 20s is the main family of linear globe control valve, with a single seat construction and a straight way design.


The 23 Serie Globe Control Valve is a single seat, quick-change cage guided valve. This execution offers the possibility to choose between an unbalanced or balanced valve trim designs in order to reduce the resultant force acting on the valve plug to meet any possible pressure/temperature combination for heavy duties.
The cage design allows achieving the requirements for the most demanding application and makes possible to perform the quick-change construction.
The combination of shutoff capabilities, trim designs, precise valve positioning, and actuator stability, offer optimum control performances.

Main characteristics
  • DN up to 24’’.
  • Quick-change Design.
  • Heavy Cage Guided.
  • Wide range of cage executions available (Linear, Equal percentage, Low Noise trims, Anticavitation Trims, Multi-stage Trims).
  • Leakage Class IV by Standard, Tight Shutoff Class V and Class VI.
Many options
  • Metal/soft seated.
  • Packing fugitive emission compliant, bellow sealing.
  • Exotic materials